Markus Myllyniemi

A Green Party Municipal Councillor and a County Elections Candidate from Kirkkonummi

This I’ll Take Care Of

Our Health and Social Services Need to Be Fixed

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, our society has considerable care debt, meaning people need access to care now, not tomorrow. As services move to the well-being services county, we need to ensure that people have access to health and social services in a reasonable time.

We Need to Save Our Local Health and Social Services

The health and well-being centres in Veikkola, Masala or Kirkkonummi town centre must remain open even after the health and social services reform. Health and social services must be available in a person’s hometown – not tens of kilometres away.

Seniors Must Be Ensured Safe Housing and High Quality of Life

Every pensioner deserves to grow old in the comfort of a homelike environment in their hometown and receive high-quality services. All older adults should be cared for equally and not abandoned or separated from their spouse or family.

Who Am I?

I’m a 25-year-old born-and-bred Kirkkonummi guy who has lived here for almost all of his life. My passions include jogging, hiking, and nature photography. My family consists of myself and my Boston
terrier Minni who manages to wake me up each morning with a spring in her step.

I’m studying history at the University of Helsinki and economics at Aalto University in addition to my political work. During the corona spring of 2020, I started my own company that sells media and
communications services to hundreds of clients.

In life, my most important values are compassion, honesty, and
entrepreneurship. I sincerely believe that the Finnish welfare system is our key stepping stone to success, and we should do everything in our power to preserve it for generations to come.

Questions? Want to get in touch with me?

The Results of the County Elections Will Affect Your Health and Social Services

The county elections, held on the 23rd of January 2022, will determine which councillors in the new county council will organise all social and health services in Western Uusimaa. I am a candidate in the upcoming regional elections because I want to ensure that our social and health services remain local and of the highest quality in the future as well.


I couldn’t recommend voting Markus Myllyniemi in the coming election enough. Nowadays, Markus is a Green party candidate, but, in his case, party colors don’t make a difference. For example, Markus decided to start pushing for a noise barrier that had been planned for decades, and thanks to his work, it was built. Markus’ next objective is to expand the barrier to the Northern side as well. Markus is genuinely interested in local issues and ready to listen.

— Kari Lumikero, Journalist

I have gotten to know Markus through our joint political work together. Working with him was exciting, and ideas always turned into reality. In the beginning, the contrast between Markus’ youthful looks and shrewd mind was confusing. In issues relating to the disabled, Markus quickly understood the key issues and started to work towards fixing them. Markus Myllyniemi is a person I value significantly as a political figure, an innovator, and a friend.

— Hannele ‘Hantta’ Rauhanen, Activist